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Performance Appraisals

Performance Appraisals

22 years experience in the recruitment industry have been utilised in developing this complete and comprehensive online performance appraisal solution.

Welcome to Performance Appraisals by Starfare Images.

How Is This System Different?

Most people are familiar with the normal practice of conducting a one-on-one appraisal with their supervisor or manager. Though there are merits to such a process, some people at a personal level feel uncomfortable with this format. Starfare Images Performance Appraisal System is designed to provide a more holistic review of the employee. This is achieved as you are appraised by managers, co-workers and in some scenarios clients. It is believed such a system provides a more overall view of a staff member's performance.

The Appraisal Process

Once an employee's appraisers have been nominated, Starfare Images Performance Appraisal System will generate an appraisal survey for each of them. The survey will consist of the nominated performance factors deemed to be applicable to the employee. The surveys are easy to complete and should take less time than the normal one-on-one appraisal preparation time.

How Will The Surveys Be Administered?

Once management has nominated the appraisers and particular performance factors deemed relevant to an individual, Starfare Images Performance Appraisal System will automatically generate the applicable surveys for completion. The appraisers will all be contacted providing them with all the information they will require to complete the surveys. All results will be dealt with on a strictly confidential basis. At the completion of the appraisal survey, management can be provided with a variety of reports based upon their raw scores. These summary reports will reflect the performance of each employee. This will allow management to assign staff bonuses via pay increases and appropriately manage their staff's career development.

What are some of the unique benefits?

dot The system is 100% online, self paced, customisable and flexible.

dot The system is securely hosted online, you can access it anytime and anywhere you have internet access.

dot Browse and choose from our pre-existing range of standard performance criteria. Add optional industry themed performance criteria modules. Add you own performance criteria.

dot Once the appraisal data has been set up, you can have the appraisal notifications sent out with a simple click of the mouse. Alternatively, you can schedule appraisal notifications to be sent out at a date of your choosing, with notifications being automatically sent out on the date you specify.

dot You can monitor the appraisal completion statistics from the web site at any time.

dot Send reminder emails with a simple click of the mouse. Our system will send out reminder notifications only to those people who have not completed all of their appraisals.

dot Includes downloadable employee appraisal reports and a large selection of management specific reports.

dot The ability to import and export your data significantly improves the set up times required for subsequent uses.

For more information continue browsing the web site, you can also download the performance appraisals brochure in pdf format.